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Import is easier than you can imagine.

For companies that need to import and require speed and quality in processing for the receipt of goods:

-We do the analysis of the NCM and HS so that on reaching the destination there are no drawbacks to the importer.

-We hire international freight for delivery at the port or airport of destination, or to the address of the importer. We hire international insurance and import registry in the Siscomex.

-For import with Incoterm EXW (Ex-works), hired the international shipping, the outside supplier to delivery at the address of the importer (importing: door to door).

We have dispatchers own that make the total cargo clearance, even if necessary to survey MAP (Ministry of agriculture) or any other government agency.

-Contact the exporter and ensure that a related agent to our company in charge of the survey and receipt of cargo abroad and the analysis of documents, for a safe shipment and without setbacks.

-We advise companies how to import payment through bank transfer and/or exchange contract.

-Always have to your disposal a supervisor to respond to questions and inform the import position at any time.

-For companies that have no need to maintain a Department to look after import only, due to your annual volume, our company will act as a third party import Department.

-Do the import record in the Siscomex, customs clearance, cargo movement. We hire storage, pay all fees and taxes and hire freight for cargo delivery at the address of the importer.

Note: our customers don't need to worry about the payment to the supplier of the exterior, with the hiring of international shipping, insurance and payment of taxes and duties. We provide all the paperwork to ensure the shipment, transportation, customs clearance and delivery to the importer. We offer the container and ship data and an online tracking via internet, for the customer to view in that region is the ship carrying the container with their products.

-Make air and maritime import of any port or airport of any country.

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