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Types of Containers

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What is Siscomex?

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SISCOMEX is a computerized instrument in which it is exercised the governmental control of the Brazilian foreign trade.  Is intended to connect the main users of the system: exporters; importers; The internal revenue service (Ministry of Finance); Foreign trade Secretariat (Ministry of industry trade and tourism); Central Bank of Brazil; Banco do Brazil S.A. and banks authorized to operate in foreign currency exchange; legal representatives of exporting companies and importers; transportation companies; and other offices and departments of ministries, directly related to several aspects of the Brazilian foreign trade.

Records issued by the Siscomex


  • 1-L.I. import permit
  • 2-extract of L.I.
  • 3-D.I. import statement
  • 4-extract of D.I.
  • 5-C.I. proof of Importation
  • 6-Financial Operation record R.O.F..


  • 1-R.E. Export registration
  • 2-R.V. Sales Record
  • 3-R.O.C. Credit operation record
  • 4-S.D. dispatch Request
  • 5-C.E. proof of Export

Import on behalf of third parties

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Normative instruction SRF nº 225, 10/18/2002, establishes requirements and conditions for the performance of a legal entity, an importer in operations made on behalf of third parties.

The Trading acts as a service provider, using the resources of the purchaser for payment of expenses, taxes, exchange rate and other risks closure of the operation. The deal is closed, invariably, between the acquirer and the exporter. According to the IRS, this mode is characterized by the following conditions:

1. The resources used in import operation can be the acquirer;

2. For tax purposes, the imported merchandise is considered the property of the purchaser;

3. Both Trading as the purchaser shall be entitled by the SISCOMEX.

Custom import

Normative instruction SRF nº 634, 3/24/2006, establishes requirements and conditions for the performance of legal person, made for resale operations importer of predetermined now applies.

In this mode, there is the person now applies-buyer of merchandise, which agrees with the vendor (exporter) on the values and business logistics.

The Trading acts as the importer of the goods and after the process of admission of the same, with the recoil of the respective taxes, resale to that only now applies.

According to the IRS, this mode is characterized by the following conditions, as IN 634/06:

1. The resources used in import operation should be Trading;

2. The record of the DI is conditioned to prior Trading binding to now applies, by the SISCOMEX;

3. Both Trading as now applies must be enabled by the SISCOMEX and recorded on RADAR;

4. With regard to the payment of taxes, the trading and now applies assumes primary responsibility and solidarity, respectively.

What is Swift?

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Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). The acronym in English, means society for Global Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Is a co-operative through which the financial world conducts business operations with speed and reliability you can trust. More than 8300 banking organizations and corporate customers in more than 208 countries demonstrate, daily, your trust in the system to swapping milhões standardized financial messaging.

Swift offers to its customers the possibility to automate and standardize their financial transactions, with consequent cost reduction, reduction of operational risks and eliminating inefficiencies. Through the use of Swift, customers can also create new business opportunities and new trade flows.

The entity is headquartered in Belgium and offices in the major financial centres in the world and developing countries.

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