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There are a number of acronyms that make up the documentation required for international trade practiced. Learn what each one means.

ACF -3. Cubic Feet or cubic space Allowed.

Acknowledgement of Receipt or confirmation of Receipt -Notification related to something received.

Temporary admission -special Customs Regime that allows the importation of goods which are to remain in the country during the prescribed period, with total or partial suspension of import taxes.

ADR -Articles Dinosaures of Route or transport of Dangerous Articles.

AD Valorem -Insurance Rate charged on certain freight or customs tariffs in proportion to the total value of the transaction (Invoice).

AFRMM -additional to the freight for Renewal of the merchant marine.

ALADI (Latin American integration) -Congregation of countries that have as objective the establishment of a Latin American common market, made up of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil:, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Samples of no commercial value -Goods represented by amount, fragments or parts, strictly necessary to make known your nature, species and quality.

Warehouse or Warehouse -covered Place, where the materials/products are received, sorted, stored and shipped.

AWB Air Waybill -main Knowledge of air transport, covering a HAWB (House Air Waybill-air transport guide issued by a consignor).

Bar -Location next to the port, where ships are awaiting permission to dock at the pier available or determined.

B/l (Bill of Lading) -Bill of lading.

Port -left side of the ship.

Bonded Warehousing -Bonded Warehouse.

Break-Bulk -maritime Expression meaning the General cargo transport or fractionally.

Brokerage Houses --companies that specialize in broker chartering.

Bulk Cargo -load to bulk, i.e., without packaging.

Bulk Carrier -bulk carrier, i.e. suitable for the transportation of bulk cargoes.

Bulk Container -Container bulk carrier, i.e. suitable for the transportation of bulk cargoes.

Cabotage -domestic Navigation (the coast of the country).

Derrick barge -equipment used in ports to lift big heavy loads or materials in the works, and consisting of three props in the top where they receive a pulley on the cable.

Quiet -maritime Expression meaning depth in that each ship is submerged in water.

Technically, it's the distance from the water to the keel of the ship.

Capatazia -is the service used in ports, where independent professionals perform the work of cargo handling.

CCR -Payment Agreement and reciprocal claims-payment system controlled by central banks covering the LAIA countries and the Dominican Republic.

CI – proof of importation.

CIDE (contribution on economic activities) – Collected on oil and oil products.

CIP -Cariage and Insurance Paid To or carriage and Insurance Paid Up.

Consignee – Consignee. Person or entity indicated in the transport document that has the right to claim the goods to the carrier, at the destination. For legal purposes, it is assumed the owner of the cargo.

Cargo Consolidation -is to create large shipments from several other small. Results in economies of scale in freight costs.

CPC -Commerce Planning Colaboration.

CPT -Cariage Paid To or carriage paid, until given location.

DAC (Bonded Warehouse certificate) – special Customs Regime that allows the domestic deposit, under customs regime of products already marketed abroad, considered to be exported to all tax credit and exchange rate effects.

DAF -Delivered At Frontier or Delivered at the border.

Demurrage or Demurrage -Fine determined in contract, to be paid by the contractor of a ship, when the latter takes longer than agreed in the ports of embarkation or unloading. The term also used for the rates to be paid by the importer after the free stay period granted by the load agent/shipowner.

Dead line -deadline for delivery of cargo for shipment.

DEQ-Delivered Ex QUAY or delivery at the pier. The seller delivers the goods on the quay at the port of destination.

DI (import declaration) -Document-based import order must contain the identification of the importer, the classification, the value for customs purposes and the origin of the goods, among other information.

DSI – Simplified Import Declaration.

Draw-Back -Involves the importation of components, without paying taxes (IPI, ICMS, additional to the freight for merchant marine Renewal tax and Benefits of State transport services), linked to a commitment to export.

DSE -Simplified Export Declaration.

EADI -Customs Station of Interior.

ELQ -Economic Quantity or quantity Logistics Logistic. Is the quantity that minimizes the logistic cost.

Packaging or Package -appropriate Wrapper, applied directly to the product for your protection and preservation to the consumption/end-use.

Bonded warehouse -special scheme which allows the importation of foreign goods for the bonded storage of public use, with suspension of payment of taxes.

Industrial Warehouse under computerised control – special scheme that allows the company to import with suspension of payment of taxes under control, goods to be subject to the operation of industrialization and later export.

ETA -maritime Expression meaning day of mooring (arrival).

ETS -maritime Expression meaning day of departure (sail). Temporary export-products output, given time, with suspension of payment of taxes, including export, conditional upon reimportation your in the State in which they were exported.

FCL -Full Container Load or Full Container.

VCF -Forwarder Certificate of Receipt or certificate of receipt of the Transport Agent.

Feeder -maritime service hub port power supply or distribution of loads on it concentrated.

Feeder Ship -supply ships.

WIRE -Free In and Out or free from boarding and landing fees-boarding Expenses are the exporter and the importer's landing. No liability of the shipowner.

Freight Payable at Destination – similar to freight collect, however, can only be paid at the destination.

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